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Rashi gems, Healing gems, Astrology gems!

What are Rashi gems, Healing gems, Astrology gems?

• The ancient Indian Vedic science of natural or manmade Gems (Rashi gems, Healing gems, Astrology gems)  has been used in india as natural medication and protection of future since centuries when there were no hospitals and professional doctors or Medical stores to provide modern injections, tablets, capsules or any form of modern medical syrups.
• For centuries people in india were medically and mentally treated by four different ways. Chanting of mantras, yoga assans, color therapy and Rashi ke Ratan (Rashi gems, Healing gems, Astrology gems). According to Indian science every human being is connected to a sun, moon and a few visible planets in our solar system : SUN (SURYA), MOON (CHAND), MERCURY, VENUS, MARS, JUPITER & SATURN, along with two lunar phases , RAHU & KETU that have a very strong impact on human life , which can be either negative or positive, and gems acts as a shield and helps to reduce the negative their impact and increase positive impact.


Rashi gems, Healing gems, Astrology gems
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Rashi gems, Healing gems, Astrology gems
Planets that are linked with Rashi / healing Gems

• Since the time life began on earth, Each human has a different life and a different destiny. Life brings a lot of changes with time. A business tycoon may live a luxurious life but have several health problems or any other personal problem life family disputes ect. On the other hand, a job based person will have healthy life but may not be able to fulfill his family needs properly. So life is not easy, if you are happy, there will be times when life will make you sad or go into depression.
Not everyone can afford gems (Rashi gems, Healing gems, Astrology gems) like Emerald (Panna), Blue sapphire (Neelam) & Ruby ( Manik)
• As we all know that certain gemstones are very expensive and it is not possible for every person to afford a gem, so due to which our Indian science has also made certain cost effective alternatives which can work for the same purpose upto a certain extent and are also less expensive.
How Gems, crystals and their Alternatives can help to protect and provide medical and mental satisfaction?
healing and hardens the power of your connected planets, helps to secure your future by strengthening your bodies weak chakras, makes natures cosmic forces to work in your favor. It is believed that when rays of sun enter the earth, and they come in contact with human wearing a Rashi/gem, the gemstone absorbs all the positive energy from the rays, along with positive cosmic forces surrounding that human and acts as a shield or a protection.

Rashi gems, Healing gems, Astrology gems
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Not all gems stones can be used for astrology; there are only a few gems that can be used and each gem has a separate purpose and use.

The concept of Navaratna:

What is Navratna and why do some people need to wear it?
Navaratna (Sanskrit: नवरत्न) is a Sanskrit compound word meaning “nine gems.” Jewelry created in this style has important cultural significance in Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism, among other religions. According to Indian Astrology, life on earth is influenced by the nine planets or the navgrahas,. The placement of the navgrahas in one’s horoscope has a big influence on an individual’s life. Wearing these nine gems are believed to provide an astrological balance and benefit to the individual, regarding everything health wealth, peace of mind etc. Hindu astrology also says that these gems potentially may have both positive or negative influences on human life and that astrological gems should be worn only after consulting a Vedic astrologer, who is also conversant with gems. Based on an individual’s sidereal Horoscope.

Rashi gems, Healing gems, Astrology gems
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• Ruby (Manak) For Sun (Surya)
• Pearls (Moti) For Moon (Chandramaa)
• Red Coral (Monga) For Mars (Mangal)
• Emerald (Panna) For Mercury (Budha)
• Diamond (Heera) For Venus (Shukra)
• Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraaj) For Jupiter (Brihaspati)
• Blue Sapphire (Neelam) For Saturn (Shani)
• Hessonite (Gomed/Gomedak) For The Ascending Lunar Node (Rahu)
• Cats Eye (Lasuniya) For The Descending Lunar Node (Ketu)

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