What is polki ?
Polki is nothing but uncut diamond,that has been mined from the earth without any enhancement or lab interference.It is used with jade and meenakari jewelry which is traditional jewelry of India and has been used for more than 500 years .For making polki jewelry ; flat uncut diamonds are set in 24 karat using wax and pure gold foils. A silver foil is also used at the back of uncut diamond once it is placed on 24 karats or 22 karat gold for making the uncut diamonds more reflect.
Polki: The every green tradition of India
Once the uncut diamonds are set and gold foil is applied, colorful enameling is done on the backside of the jewelry with a motive that the piece of jewel should look beautiful from both the sides.This type of jewelry is highly expensive and requires a good maintainance, because the silver foil that has been applied at the back side of the jewelry gets oxidizes with time also the jewelry is very soft and delicate as it has been-been set on 24 karats and 22 karat gold, which is very soft regarding hardness.In India Jaipur is the hub of Polki jewelry, people have set small scale factories in the outskirts of Jaipur in areas like Sita Pura and Malviya Nagar for making such jewels on order.
What is Kundan ?
Along with polki jewelry, even Kundan jewelry is also used as an cost effective alternative, but the only difference is that, in Kundan jewelry instead of the uncut diamond, a high-quality hard glass is used due to which Kundan jewelry becomes more affordable and cost effective.
Both kind of jewels need a lot of attention from the Karigar (craftsman) when they are being created- from design to execution – because they are time-consuming and require intricate details and craftsmanship. Polki made its way into India by the Mughals who loved their precious diamonds in their natural form. Kundan, with all its craftsmanship and detailing, is a kind of art form made famous by the craftsmanship in Rajasthan.
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